Who is eligible to receive school bus transportation to and from school?
The eligibility of students to receive school transportation services has been defined in Florida Statutes (F.S.) Section 1006.21, to include the following:
  • Pre-kindergarten disability programs and kindergarten through grade 12 students whose homes are more than a reasonable walking distance, from the nearest appropriate school. A reasonable walking distance for a student is defined by the Florida Department of Education Administrative Code as; “any distance not more than two (2) miles between the home and the school or one and one half (1-1/2) miles between the home and the assigned bus stop”.
  • Pre-kindergarten through grade 12 students with special needs or disabilities, regardless of the distance from home to school.
  • All students enrolled in a Teenage Parent Program and the registered children of such students.
  • Elementary age children who live within two miles of their assigned elementary school and who are subject to hazardous walking conditions as defined in Section 1006.23 F.
Who determines if a student lives beyond the reasonable walking distance from school?
The school district determines the walking distance with the aid of a computerized mapping and school bus routing system (EDULOG). This system utilizes the current registered address information from the student database to locate the residence of each student and calculate the distance to his or her assigned school. The distance is calculated using the shortest route that a student can walk between the home and the school.